Brea’n Thompsons’ art is one of examination and unusual vision. Relying heavily on her synesthesia and her muse Jane, she creates fantastical portraits of underwater maidens, Queens, and  Jokers that create a visually appealing and well-dressed cast of characters that allow the onlooker to create their own plot. Her heavy use of purple and turquoise eludes to Native royalty tapping into the wisdom of her Native ancestry while promoting peace, tranquility and love with the use of magenta. Each painting relies heavily on the psychology of the brain and the illusion of moving water and general motion stemming from intense study of psychological, hydrological and geological processes. Brea’n Thompson is a self-taught emerging artist, muralist, sophisticated unicorn, winner of the Best Mother Award (five years running) and the proud wife of the worlds best, most handsome, and even more talented Airman.