Brea'n Thompson

Self-taught artist who has Synesthesia and no clue what she's doing. I started doing replications of others' artwork just to hang in my home and to give as presents. It wasn't until last year, while wrestling with severe depression/anxiety and an attempted suicide, that I decided to just put on my headphones and paint myself to happiness. I kept all of my artwork in my home and never shared it with anyone because it was so personal and I was too afraid of the uncertainty of the response I would receive. Fast forward one year, a friend of mine who is an established artist, came across one of my paintings and spent hours analyzing and admiring my work. They urged me to display it to the world. With great trepidation I am here now. I am a Texas-based artist who makes a point to infuse as much joy and positive energies into my art because it is becoming increasingly clear that positive vibes are what the world needs most.